Council could close half of Devon’s libraries


“We just need to evolve the way we support them and move forward.”


“The library service in Devon has to save another £1.5m due to spending cuts, the briefing paper says, in addition to a £3m cut over the last three years.”


What’s with these “moving forward” and “evolve” euphemisms?  There is nothing forward moving or evolutionary about these cuts on top of previous cuts.  This is blatantly penalising the poor for the excesses of the rich.


“Plans to award MPs an 11% pay rise have been criticised across Westminster, with one minister describing them as ‘utterly incomprehensible’”.


“All three party leaders disagreed with the move when it was first proposed earlier this year but the watchdog is expected to say it will press ahead with the rise – expected to cost the public purse £4.6m.”


“HSBC to unveil highest profits since start of crisis  Thursday 03 April 2014”  The banks are back in profit whilst social services are still being cut.  Why is this?