Global warming denial rears its ugly head around the world, in English


Posted on 18 August 2014 by dana1981


“In Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s chief business adviser Maurice Newman offered a prime example of global warming denial last week. Writing in The Australian, Newman suggested that we’re headed for a period of global cooling due to declining solar activity and related influences from galactic cosmic rays, calling mainstream climate science “a religion.”


As Graham Readfearn showed in his fact check of The Australian opinion piece, Newman got the science badly wrong in almost every way imaginable. Scientific research has consistently shown that a grand solar minimum would barely make a dent in human-caused global warming, and that galactic cosmic rays do not exert a significant influence on the Earth’s climate. To argue otherwise, Newman relied on selective cherry picking of some research, and a misinterpretation of other studies.


Due to his lack of a scientific background, combined with his likely ideological biases, it’s understandable that Newman would get the science wrong on this issue. The problem is that Newman has the ear of Australia’s Prime Minister. Worse yet, the country’s biggest-selling national newspaper printed his error-riddled editorial, misinforming its readership in the process. As a result of this sort of thinking, the Australian government recently revoked its carbon tax without a replacement plan to meet its carbon pollution reduction targets.”


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Ashton at 02:22 AM on 19 August, 2014

Unfortunately I think you’ll find that almost always reports in the MSM (yes even the reviled MUrdoch papers) reach many, many more readers than does SkS, Real Climate. Open Mind etc.   Given that, it is unlikely this analysis will have much effect on the average citizen…..


Ashton has hit the nail on the head. The truth of the matter is downplayed if not ignored by the major media players.  Deniers are given equal coverage as if there was equal representation. Sadly, money and politics determine media content and a very few scientists are paid to spread questionable if not bogus claims.  These few get mainstream publicity as if they represented a large block of opinion. The MORI poll in this article shows the extent of public belief in anthropogenic causes of global warming.  What can we do?  Speak out, challenge people who mouth disproved “evidence” and vote for people who see the truth of the matter.