Richard (RJ) Eskow, Op-Ed: “Nationalism and rage have been on the rise as countries like Greece have been forced to accept humiliating economic deals in order to stay afloat, one of which is to make repaying bankers a higher national priority than serving its own citizens. That’s where austerity inevitably leads: the overruling of democratic process by financial elites. Americans have been remarkably tolerant of the economic hardship imposed on them so far.”


It would be a mistake to think the rage isn’t there. The evidence is there. I see it in the Yahoo pinochle and euchre games I play. Over the last two or three years the balking, delaying, cursing, claims of cheating, unpleasantness is the norm now rather than the exception. Fear of hard times and possible poverty blank out kindness and fair play. There are the abusive shouts and pressure placed on young boys in little league, for instance.

Cooperation is buried in efforts to get what you can while the getting is possible, not good, just possible.  Of course it is almost impossible to measure suppressed rage, but look around, think about it when you are observing behaviour and I suspect you will find it lurking under the unkind and inconsiderate behaviour around you.  I believe, even when there is compliance and the lack of criticism, that most people know when they are being marginalised and exploited by corporates; banks especially.  They feel it in the belly and it gest stored up and often becomes suppressed rage that erupts in some future event.  Perhaps it is healthier to bitch, protest peaceably and speak out against injustice.