I was happy to receive the email post on the Drala Jong Appeal – The Art of Living, posted on Monday, 19 October, 2015.  Within was the first “Visions for Drala Jong” posting in a series by Ngakma Yeshé Zértsal who lives in New Jersey.  Ngakma Yeshé Zértsal suggests, as I understand, that Drala Jong could become a Bayul or Beyul, a Hidden Land.  Such places already exist in the Himalayan regions of surrounding countries.  What a beautiful vision.  The very idea touches me deeply and I suggest that it is worth deep and serious consideration.  Perhaps, here in the UK, we might not find a valley.  Surely this will be fine.  Regardless of the ensuing harm being done to our beautiful, living and loving planet, both the source and manifestation of beauty can be found in many, many places.  I realise that some thinkers do not approve of the idea of a sacred place; a special place more sacred than others and propose that all is sacred or none is sacred.  So be it.  I find that some places almost stop my heart with the power of what I can only call beauty.  Thus, I hold to my experience of “especially sacred” places.  Drala Jong can and I hope will be such a place.


How?  Well, for instance.  I am an amateur musician and as would be expected, have some measure of talent and respect for beautiful music.  A musical instrument or a vocal cord may be scratchy, worn, dented; even rusty.  Yet in special hands or people, beautiful music can emerge.  So is the beauty held within the object or within the person?  The answer seems obvious to me.  It takes a beautiful soul expression to produce beautiful music.  Similarly, the common brick, mortar, pond, grove, flower garden, paddock, hill, vale etc., can become especially beautiful and especially sacred from the vision and loving power expressed by those who labour and concentrate the ever present, undiminished loving spirit of the Earth into their work and presence on the land.  Thank you, Ngakma Yeshé Zértsal for sharing your vision of Drala Jong.


Sky McCain

An Aro Friend

21 October, 2015