Sky at Cave Creek, Chiricahua Mountains

Sky at Cave Creek, Chiricahua Mountains

Sky McCain is an American citizen living in the south-west of England. He likes walking, playing the trombone in his local brass band, and visiting his favourite parts of southern Europe. He has also been involved in ‘green’ activism in the local community and was the co-founder of the Wholesome Food Association, an organization that champions local food. Sky graduated with a BA in History from Boston College in the US and has an MA in Values in the Environment from Lancaster University, UK.
He has had a lifetime interest in religion and spirituality, starting with Christianity and continuing with Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta. He has recently focused his attention on Gaia Theory, climate change, and the relationship between science and spirituality.

Is Being Green Enough?

Scores of inspired thinkers and writers have pointed out that our economics, science and cultural beliefs need to become eco-centric instead of ego-centric.  Many of those whose books I have read stress not only the beauty and awesomeness of  Nature but rightfully point out how failure to work with Nature rather than our attempt to dominate Nature will is causing increasing suffering, destruction and death to a great many of our fellow earthlings.

Although I am fully in accord with the observations above, the chorus of concerned and passionate voices have been ineffective.  Why?  I suggest that they just don’t go far enough.  My suggestion is that nothing short of seeing our planet, Gaia, as a living, loving, and lovable being will capture people’s hearts and move them to a change of behaviour.  We and all planetary life are the sensory inputs and outputs of a planetary consciousness.  Gaia is not “out there.”  We and all earthlings “are” the planet.  Once we fully recognise ourselves as securely embodied in the fabric of this great being- planet Earth, our hearts and minds will shift into a loving relationship with the true “ground of our being,” Gaia.

Sky McCain
November 2009


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