A New Story

There have been a few “deep feeling” people who have called for a “new story.” There can be no doubt that we desperately need a new story. All major religions advocate “love.” and “Peace.” But unfortunately, they seek “God” to bring peace. Part of the new story, is that Peace and love must come from within each of us. Also, they are not what we can “have” or “obtain” but what we “are.” So, why do we have problems? We are taught that we are helpless and must invoke assistance from “God” out there somewhere. This is “the pollution of the ages.” Further, it is “Earth energy” that nourishes and sustains us yet we are alienated due to basic beliefs that don’t keep their promises. We now have runaway Global warming where the positive feedback is increasing at an increasing rate. We either cooperate, and very soon, or suffer unimaginable consequences. This is not a Henny Penny or chicken licken story either – just do the maths!

Sky:  10 January, 2019