“…when you’re faced with what looks like an unshiftable dilemma, ask a child.”

“Thunberg has articulated the future to us, because the future is hers and her generations’ inheritance. Her presence is the appearance on the world stage of the possible future—one of frankness and goodness and unselfishness up against the conglomerate business mindset that thinks right now that it owns and can use both us and the world. That’s the choice we face. As Thunberg says, the real power belongs to the people. I’m not surprised to see the whole world turn to listen.”


novelist Ali Smith https://www.truthdig.com/articles/a-revolutionary-writer-for-our-darkest-days/

Who would have believed this could happen?  I have followed her from the beginning and my admiration is beaming.  It is “follow your dream” and “speak out” “be who you are” “Don’t underestimate the power of a mind that is made up.” Miya Yamanouchi all rolled into one.