“Give us God in whatever form She, He, It, or They consents to assume, so long as that transcendent something supplies us with an answer we can curl up around close enough to breathe ourselves to peace, or anyway to sleep. Lord give us this night our daily certainty.”

“The first step toward creating some way out of our dilemma may involve allowing our sense of certainty itself to unravel.”


George Prochnik

Our modern technology has given us a strong sense of certainty by its “swap the board” or “replace the unit” fix.  Unfortunately, main stream science uses a mechanistic model as a basis for “fixing” climate change.  Even the measurement devices are designed for machines instead of a living Earth; a living being.  Homo Sapiens have never encountered the present level of CO2 and some other green-house gasses.  CO2 is now building up in the troposphere at an increasing level and the rate of increase is increasing.  Further the rate of increase is variable and unpredictable.

There is no certainty and no meaningful computer models to assist in predictability.

Of course, this is green fodder for those paid to spread fear and doubt thus discrediting 97% of climate scientists who know that humans are accountable for  this runaway increase in CO2, warming of the oceans and melting of polar icecaps to name a few climate variables.  We accept uncertainty when our physician prescribes a remedy and then tells us that if it doesn’t work we are to return for an alternative.  However, there is no loss of profits in that situation whereas keeping fossil fuel in the ground might throw a few people off the billionaire list!  Sky  31 March, 2019