Incarnational Opportunity and Creativity

27 September, 2016

Sky McCain


“It is the testimony of the wisdom bearers that we come here from the realm of the unconditional in order to experience the conditional. Our original spirit nature is unconditional love, but apparently we set that aside temporarily in order to fully participate in the human experience. We are typically attracted to such an incarnational opportunity because it represents something so different than our actual state as light being souls, and hence is intriguing to us in our natural curiosity and trajectory towards infinitely expanding Self-awareness.”

From Bob O’Hearn “Self and Other


The clarity of the description above has stimulated me to inflate my ego enough to offer an idea that has resided within me for many years.  Firstly, I suggest that we are, among many other attributes, “reality structurers.”  Reading Seth from Jane Roberts and in later years Vadim Zeland about Transurfing has supported my view that we not only in great part “make” our reality but actually can “choose” our reality in the sense of the life-path we are following.  From Lynn Margolis I learned about the symbiotic theory of evolution that points to a basis of love and cooperation rather than random chance and deadly competition.  From here, sprinkled with other bits and pieces of pertinent information my vision manifested as follows:


Creative development is a fundamental attribute of Consciousness.  All of what we call “things” shine with some amount of this Consciousness and all things express Consciousness to the extent of their abilities.  Parallel to the realm of what modern science calls aliveness has come a renewal of the Panpsychism or minds in a world of mind.  I can now proceed to my hypothesis.  Large organisms, such as a planet, contain almost unlimited potential and are largely limited by the level of consciousness they are expressed through.  Lower order levels of consciousness strive, through what we call creativity, to expand their awareness and consciousness channels.  To cut to the chase, we may desire to be a planet, our next higher holon in the holarchy of our known existence. Our experience must be immense and our ability to channel love greatly deepened.  Our power is in the present, the dance, and it is dance all the way up and down.