Bowing to Demands of Wall Street, Walmart Cuts Hours to Trim Costs




“The company is now assuring the public that that focus won’t be sacrificed with the new schedule changes. The company spokesperson said reductions in hours won’t affect the focus on better staffing stores, reducing checkout lines, and filling shelves. “[W]e are committed to improving the customer experience and we will protect the investments necessary to achieve this goal,” Greg Foran, head of U.S. operations, said.”


And how will they make this happen?  The only possible way and that’s to make fewer people take on a greater workload.  Believe me, I’ve been there. When a corporation eliminates a requisition it means that when the present worker quits, retires, whatever, the position is not filled and the work is spread around to those who remain. If you grumble, then you go on the sh** list and are eliminated next. Eliminating requisitions is also a common means of eliminating the Non-team player or highest paid employees.