“Greg Craven summarized why by examining the extreme possible outcomes in his viral climate ‘decision grid’ video.”


Posted on 30 December 2014 by dana1981



If you can afford to watch a video for 9+ minutes, this is a good investment.  And, as I recollect, the US government made the column “A” choice over the possibility of a nuclear attack by Russia in the 50’s. Billions of dollars, maybe all total over a trillion, were spent on the nuclear deterrent, mainly by the Air Force Strategic Air Command keeping bombers in the air heading towards targets 24/7 plus a 24/7 command aircraft in the air plus who knows how many Nike missile sites and hundreds of missiles: not to mention the personnel and support costs.  The US government definitely took column “A” and avoided the column “B” true.  So the method has been tried and proven effective in that case. I suggest it will work in the case of climate change caused by global warming.  The boss may not always be right but is still the boss.  Humans may not be causing global warming but the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans are still warming.  What do you think?