Excerpt from Greenspirit Chair’s Report 2014


In the midst of so much activity it is useful to remind ourselves of what we are which gives us our special identity.  As Ian’s report points out our primary attraction is our spirituality.  We come from many traditions and none but what unites us is that we find spiritual nourishment in our connection with creation, which is as Berry says ‘our primary revelation’.  He word ‘God’ has been too often hijacked by narrow religion which has restricted and diminished the divine presence that surrounds us and gives everything life.  In Greenspirit our vision encompasses all that is, from the tiniest particle to the greatest galaxy and we glimpse the truth that even the least blade of grass is a presence of inexpressible love. And these glimpses are enough to make us fall in love with creation.


This beautifully expressed in an extract from the book, ‘Epiphany in the Beans’ in our last magazine.  As she felt the happiness that made her ‘ ‘laugh out loud’ working in her garden, Robin Kimmerer writes, ‘I knew with a certainty as warm and clear as the September sunshine, the land loves us back’.


In Greenspirit, we have moved on from trying to save the Earth just by campaigning and action, though of course these matter.  Our greatest strength is in our spiritual journey, finding the awareness that ‘the land loves us back’.  Every time we make this loving connection with creation, we bless it, healing begins and what is more we raise this connection with everyone, [on the hundredth monkey principle].  As long as our green convictions remain ideas in our heads they alone will not change the world.  But when enough of us reclaim our identity with and immersion in creation, it becomes our sacred community.  Then it is impossible to harm it and profound healing happens.

June Raymond

November, 2014