“The overall rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide during the last deglaciation was thought to have been triggered by the release of CO2 from the deep ocean – especially the Southern Ocean. However, the researchers say that no obvious ocean mechanism is known that would trigger rises of 10-15 ppm over a time span as short as one to two centuries.”

“The oceans are simply not thought to respond that fast,” Brook said.




I read daily updates on climate change science and suspected results of the certain rapid increase in CO2 and methane levels in both the atmosphere and oceans.  In the oceans it increases acidification to the detriment of crustaceans and other hard shelled animals.  In addition I read about climate change deniers and detractors; many of which are paid to create cherry picking and inaccuracies that result in doubt in public opinion.


I find constant revisions and updated findings.  The uncertainty fuels deniers who demand scientific “proof.”

Science does not and never has supplied “truth.”  The primary cause of the subject of uncertainty is a misunderstanding of the nature of Earth.  Earth is a living being and not a machine.  Earth events are often unpredictable and constantly break the “laws of Nature” that we persist in holding onto.  Earth rhythms and cycles never exactly repeat.  Variation resides in the very core of what it is to be planet Earth.


Take our medical Doctor visits. We learn to accept the “uncertainty” of our health and our illness treatments.  We think nothing of following medical advice.  For instance, the exact cause of an illness often cannot be determined accurately.  We are sometimes told to take this medicine and come back in awhile to see if it worked.  If not then other medicine is prescribed.


Governments and other power structures have habituated the “do nothing until we have absolute proof,” and “not enough data has been collected” excuses.  They fiddle while Rome burns. It is time to stop searching for who started the fire and concentrate on putting out the fire.


We don’t need to know the exact extent of anthropogenic causes to become aware that humans, within the present cultural and global economic system, contribute a significant and irrefutable amount of greenhouse gases.  These gasses are undeniably present and increasing. Weather in most regions of Earth is becoming more severe,[see: http://mashable.com/2014/11/02/super-typhoon-nuri-strongest-storm-2014/#:eyJzIjoiZiIsImkiOiJfeGhoOTN4dDhsbmZvcmc1ayJ9] sea levels are rising, glaciers and polar icepacks are melting faster than predicted, and oceans are warming while life-forms that make up our food chain are dying. Desertification is increasing whilst global air currents carry little or no moisture from the rainforests to sustain vegetation.


Surely it is obvious to all rational beings that we can wait no longer for certainty, for “scientific proof.”