This is crazymaking

“The river’s apparent abundance has encouraged exceptionally wasteful usage. For example, thirsty forage crops such as alfalfa and pasture land account for as much as half the irrigated acreage in California, according to a report last year by the Pacific Institute. And as my colleague David Pierson reported recently, much of the harvest is shipped to China.”


Read the article.  Strange fracking is not mentioned.


“On Thursday, May 29, 2014 the California Senate failed to pass SB 1132 (Mitchell/Leno) which would have put a temporary moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, acidizing and other forms of oil and gas well stimulation methods. The measure lost by a narrow margin, despite recent polling that 68% of Californians support a time out on fracking. Additionally, the federal government has recently downgraded the estimated amount of recoverable oil in the Monterey Shale by 96%, dispelling the myth that fracking will lead to an oil boom in California.”


“Now lots of people in west Texas and New Mexico make money not by ranching and farming, as they once did. There’s not enough water for that anymore. Instead, they get by selling what water they have to fracking companies.

The Guardian ran a story this month about the small Texas town of Barnhart, which temporarily ran out of drinking water in July (not unlike the town of Magdalena, New Mexico, which I wrote about earlier this week). The town’s water problems stem a number of sources, including heavy agricultural use in the past and a drought that has stretched on for three years now. But the fracking hasn’t slowed:”


This is sheer madness.


A huge area of California is under severe drought conditions and yet the precious water is used for export crops!!!  Hundreds of thousands suffer whilst a few drive comfortably to the bank with profits from the water.  This needs to be stopped and quickly.