How long has it been since we’ve read a comment about population?  Why is it so unpopular for someone, me for instance, to suggest that fewer people mean fewer energy requirements?  I read recently that there are virtually no places on Earth that do not carry the footprint of humans and not many more places where you will not hear human made noise.  Mid and southern California skies on a clear day are a spiders web of vapour trails destroying any hope of beauty in clouds.  We study and publish statistics about sustainability and species extinction or diminishing from eating out their habitat.  Are humans not doing that?  Must all sparsely settled places, quiet woods and meadows be destroyed to feed and shelter more and more people?  Lastly, where do you expect those millions who will soon be starving from drought and flooding from rising sea levels will demand to live?  Let’s face it, they will occupy our last remaining open spaces driving out most wildlife except rats, seagulls and cockroaches.

Sky McCain

18 January, 2014