We participate in the Universe as Earthlings


Space, Time & Medicine by Larry Dossey




Chapter Four Bell’s Theorem


“The mystic’s vision of a world in which man participates  in a seamless existence, indivisible, united with the universe around him, resonates through a discovery called Bell’s theorem.”


Man, an Earth creature, is enveloped not in the universe, but in the loving and sustaining cloak of a great and powerful being called Earth.  Our seamless and indivisible unification is with the Earth.  Although we are a multifaceted organism composed of subsystems within subsytems – resonating parts within a whole- we are entirely dependent on the composition of Earth’s outer few thousand feet of sustenance. Earth is the next higher holon in a vast holarchy extending outward into the cosmos.  We are inextricably bound in a vast community of beings – all earthlings.  Our sense organs, along with other Earthlings, both physical and psychic, are fine tuned to Earthly structures from which we evolved.



I am weary of reading about my cosmic connection.  Obviously, I’m part of the Universe; so is everything else.  Yes, I am made of the material of stars that exploded long ago but knowing that does not comfort me as I choke in the smog and wretch from fracked up drinking water.  I have no desire to check out my connectivity to other galaxies or even Mars for that matter.  Interesting, yes, but knowing that an elephant is killed every fifteen minutes by ivory hunters severely limits my appreciation.  Perhaps more emphasis needs to be placed on our Earthly connections.



Sky McCain

29 March, 2014