9 August 2013


Deadly floods hit central US with Missouri worst affected


“A family declined evacuation orders as a creek overtopped its banks in downtown Newburg, Missouri, on 7 August 2013”



Please, can we learn?  We just cannot afford unlimited energy growth.  This is one of the results.  And it can only get worse as the CO2 climbs.  We are looking at major, disastrous  desertification throughout the US southwest.  The grass dies, forest fires destroy the forests which means that they cannot expire water into the air, overgrazing is forced as ranchers attempt to maintain their living.  The few rainstorms are gushes that carry the topsoil into the rivers and on to the coasts which then become stagnant.


And folks, who pays?  Yes, you pay through higher taxes and higher prices whilst businesses attempt to hold on to their profits and the good life.  It doesn’t add up and can’t add up.