Skeptical Science flattens deniers: 97% of peer-reviewed papers say humans causing climate change


This article is fully supported with links to the supporting data.  Hopefully, John Cook has helped us all to utterly dismiss the misconstrued and sometimes utterly false claims of those anthropogenic climate change deniers. I for one am sick of hearing the drivel.  I felt it necessary to read it in association with genetically modified food only to find that there were a few “scientists” who were paid to falsify and construe what they could find as detractions.  I am aware that some of those same people are now employed to do the same shameless job with climate change.  Much of the blame for the false impressions on this subject has to be placed with some of the “media” who give equal time to detractors as if there was an equal chance that they may be right.  Most of us have learned that “the media” by and large are only interested in sales and care less about fairness, truth and the art of conveying news.


Unfortunately, so many people make up their minds based on false information and then proceed forever with a close mind on the issue.  That’s why character assignation is accomplished with a lie that gets published and then an apology printed on page 16 in small print.  People tend to remember the lie and either never see the retraction or apology or will not read further.  They “know” because they read it in the newspaper or some magazine. A good friend of mine taught me that whenever reading something controversial, stop and look into just who is doing the assertions.  Find out who finances them – who do they serve.  Find out who tends to gain from their point of view.  People with set opinions look for someone to agree with them and then crystalize on their false knowledge like a nut that must never be cracked to see if the kernel is edible.

Their lives are crammed with precious nuts that cannot feed them when the kernels are needed.  By then it is too late and they have invested their vital energy in that which does not serve them.  Surely it is normal that we change as we age, as we experience the new and different, as we suffer and recover from tragedy and disappointments. We learn to regularly examine our truth nuts, crack open a few to see if they are still serviceable.  The most difficult student is one who already knows.


When you give people the impression that you are not completely sure about something then you get their take which, surprisingly, often reveals something you overlooked or misunderstood. Actually, most people feel positively stroked when they get an opportunity to explain their opinions. It is a win-win because they feel good about informing you and you might just learn something.


Hopefully, anthropogenic climate change deniers now lack an audience.



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THU MAY 16, 2013

Skeptical Science flattens deniers: 97% of peer-reviewed papers say humans causing climate change

By Meteor Blades


Nowadays, television news shows and newspaper and magazine articles that mention global warming rarely resort to outright lies like this grotesque piece of propaganda from Forbes.



“In fact, not all scientists do agree that humans are causing global warming. As researchers under the guidance of John Cook at Skeptical Science discovered in a “citizen science” survey of 11,944 peer-reviewed articles, 1.6 percent of the authors expressing an opinion on the subject rejected or were uncertain about the consensus that the earth is undergoing anthropogenic (human-generated) global warming (AGW). And 97.1 percent of the nearly 4,000 articles in which the author(s) took a position endorsed the AGW consensus. (The survey was published May 15 in Environmental Research Letters as an open access article)”



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