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This is a foundational idea of the Wholesome Food Association.  Unfortunately, it seems that so many people have been taught that food is either certified organic or poisoned.  Local common sense and integrity is not trusted.  An inspection system presupposes that a grower cannot be trusted not to poison the food.  Advertising the inspection system propagates the idea that people, generally, cannot be trusted.  Yes, there are cheaters, but they are few and far between.  Believe me; some certified organic growers find a way to cheat despite the inspection system.  What the inspection system verifies is that on the day of the inspection, no cheating was revealed.  Nobody in their right mind would keep and display a receipt for the purchase of pesticides etc.  Perhaps the inspection of records and receipts is used to calculate the extra amount [by percentage] of fees owed the certification body. It has always amazed me that lots of people will trust a company in the business of inspections, in another country where they have no way of checking them out rather than taking an interest in where their food comes from and satisfying themselves by investigation, visitation, etc. that their local producer is honest.  With local food, the grower may be visited and verified.  Word gets around and a reputation is then acquired and constantly maintained.

Locally produced food is the way forward as we repeatedly see evidence that the global food market has turned into a profit driven vehicle for shoddy, non-nutritious substitutes for wholesome food.  If you want nutritious food and a thriving local economy, then seek out your local food producers.  However, remember that produced locally does not necessarily mean that the food is not poisoned.  Only you, the consumer, can verify the integrity and honesty of those who supply your food.

What’s maintaining health worth to you?