A workable Solution


Someone Give This Man A Nobel Prize Already. He’s Going To Save The Planet!

This man, Allan Savory, once bought into a lie that everyone accepted blindly. This lie resulted in something horrible happening, which he supported at the time. But now he has a mission. A simple and beautiful mission: SAVE. THE. PLANET. He’s going to do it, too. Watch and be in awe.




Sorry if this comes across like some kind of fantasy.  It certainly is not.  Allan has come up with a method, implemented the method successfully and is now sharing it.  He claims it works, he shows videos of where it is working and claims that this method used on just ½ of the areas in the world where desertification has set in will decrease greenhouse gasses to pre-industrial levels.  I don’t remember just how long it will take but it sounds good.  I learned so much from this video.  Whereas I have been advocating a ban on killing trees and the planting of millions of trees, it is the grasslands that will accomplish the same objective and support humans as well.

We still have to decrease our population and re-introduce predators, but that is doable.

Allan’s thesis is based on one major principle – mimic Nature.  Since we wiped out all the natural wild grazing animals, we must now manage domestic animals and move them around wisely.


If you don’t view another video all year, this is the one.  I expect you will be as excited as I am now after just viewing it.