Major climate changes looming

Carolyn Lochhead

Updated 11:10 pm, Sunday, January 27, 2013



I’m so tired of hearing “It has been like this before”  Usually this statement is followed by 14 million years, 60 million years or other.

Physical history never repeats itself with Gaia.  It just cannot.  Atmospheric contents, oceanic contents, soil contents and on and on are different now.

All these absurd statements reveal a failure to realise that Gaia is a living being and self-regulates as James Lovelock revealed.  As I’ve said before, knowing how a star expands and gets hotter as it approaches an expansion which will in the end cause its demise, Gaia most probably feels it needs to have regular periods of major cooling to keep global temperatures fit for lifeforms that form Gaia’s outer regions – surface.  We will never, never progress in understanding how to work in synchronicity with Gaia until we see that our planet is alive and intelligent.  There are heaps of implications and connections that could be made on this subject, but I’ll stop here.