“Food security focus fuels new worries over crop chemicals
Scientists, environmentalists and farm advocates are pressing the question about whether rewards of the trend toward using more and more crop chemicals are worth the risks, as the agricultural industry strives to ramp up production to feed the world’s growing population.”




“More than 88,0000 tons of glyphosate were used in the United Statesin 2007, up from 11,000 tons in 1992, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Critics of 2,4-D fear a similar rise in the use of that herbicide.”


This is not only ecocide but suicide as well.  Who wants to plough up every available meadow and hillside to feed a human population that is out of control?  What makes us here in developed countries where population increase has levelled off or decreased, responsible to feed people from abroad who will not cut back on population growth? Think about this.

Yes, of course, there is economic inequality and lack of land to feed people locally, but that is a political problem – an economic activity – a human rights problem.

Will ploughing up marginal land here solve that?  Of course not.


Remember, food is now a commodity on a global market.  People get rich manipulating prices.  Vast power structures encourage over-population because it is just a wider and deeper market for the exploitation of food exchange. 


How about asking ourselves the following question.  What happens to all other beings who eat out their environment?  You know the answer as well as I do. 


Gaia, our dear higher self is not a market basket for humans.


We don’t have too little food, we have too many people.  Remember, to multinationals, economic growth means people growth to fuel it, in addition to the rampant and shameless ecocide. 


Is this a rant?  Perhaps, I am just a still small voice crying in the wilderness – caught in a whirlpool of forces with problems placed in the “too hard” box.