Its been a couple of years since I’ve come across a book I wish I’d written  myself, and interestingly this one is by the husband of the last author /editor I raved about  (that was + is GreenSpirit Marian Van Eyk McCain)  And this is written better than I could do.  Sky has a lovely way with words, easy to read.  I can imagine a twinkle in his eyes when he speaks of the Earth, and his love radiates out of the pages.  For a very long time I have been looking for ways to convey the sense of I am Earth, her food my body, her water my blood, and I share the molecules from the stars with every other creature and plant.  This isn’t just a fanciful worldview, it is a most fundamental fact and such understanding is vital for our survival.  Sky takes it further:  my mind is Earth’s mind, Earth as perceivable manifestation of God.  It has been told in a style of someone speaking to me.


In this book is the first time outside of science fiction I have heard us referred to as “Earthlings.”  Yes!  And he puts into graspable practicality what Peter Russell (among others) has been helping me to understand since my aha! days in the early 1980s.  This read is more to me than preaching to the converted:  it is speaking for me, taking me further into life and builds my store of how.  It is available as hard copy and e-book.


Cynthia Alves  February 2012


“In The Global Brain Awakens Peter Russell shows that humanity has reached a crossroads in its evolutionary path. [Our expanding communications] technology, combined with a the rapidly growing human potential movement, is helping to create a collective consciousness that is humanity’s only hope of saving it from itself. However, Russell warns if we continue on our current path of greed and destruction, humanity will serve only as a planetary cancer.”