Heartland Institute’s Leaked Documents Reveal Climate Skepticism Efforts

Updated: 02/16/2012 6:55 pm


“Leaked documents from a prominent conservative think tank show how it sought to teach schoolchildren skepticism about global warming and planned other behind-the-scenes tactics using millions of dollars in donations from big corporate names.”

“Because Heartland was not specific about what was fake and what was real, The Associated Press attempted to verify independently key parts of separate budget and fundraising documents that were leaked. The federal consultant working on the classroom curriculum, the former TV weatherman, aChicagoelected official who campaigns against hidden local debt and two corporate donors all confirmed to the AP that the sections in the document that pertained to them were accurate. No one the AP contacted said the budget or fundraising documents mentioning them were incorrect.”

“The documents showed how heavily Heartland relies on a single person it identified only as “Anonymous Donor.” In the past six years, the man has given $14.26 million to the institute, nearly half its $33.9 million in revenue.”

When you find that there are 25.4 million (American million) millionaires which includes 1,200 billionaires, can you be surprised that one or more of these people can purchase, in so many words, public opinion?  Is there a doubt that English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton was right when he said in 1839:  “The pen is mightier than the sword

We are in big trouble with our almost totally self-serving institutions.  It is ‘kinda’ late now to do anything about it as we look forward to begging for crumbs as they take our dear Gaia and most lifeforms down the tube with them.