Thursday, 22 December,

If you stop and think about it, shouldn’t 22 December be the first day of the Year?  Surely there is no better beginning than the first day after the shortest day of the year when daylight begins to expand. 

I must admit that it really is an ego trip to see your name on a book, especially when it contains just what you would like to tell people.  When it contains words about one of your primary concerns of a lifetime. 

What is it all about?  Can I answer this in a sentence?  Perhaps.  However, if what I am on about can be condensed to a sentence, then why a 100 page book?   No I can’t say it all in a sentence.  Of course, most books are far larger than 100 pages.  My idea when it comes to writing is that I want to get in, say what I want to say shortly and sweetly and then get out. 

Oh well, I must say more about the book in this first post.  We desecrate what we think is something outside of ourselves.  We have been conditioned by our religious beliefs to see ourselves as having been somehow magically wafted down here from outside somewhere.  Then, when we have suffered a lifetime, we – those who are somehow “saved” – are magically wafted off again out there somewhere.  So, is it any wonder that many or maybe even most people don’t love the Earth?  I wish to challenge others to think a bit more about some facts in physical reality. 

We are earthlings.  We are thus both physically and spiritually living IN a planet.  Appreciating the miracle of life we may just begin to realize that we are the planet.  What we are the planet?  Of course, are the leaves the tree?  Are the roots the tree?  Are the limbs the tree?  It is all the tree is it not?  In the book Planet as Self, I try to justify what I have just said.  I try to fully explain it, give examples.  I ask only that the reader just consider that my story is really not any more improbable than the generally accepted story.  My story appears improbable mainly because we are not taught that Gaia is a living, loving and lovable entity – being so to speak. In the book, I try to explain that also. 

My ideas are not at all unique.  I didn’t discover these ideas.  I just don’t have a reputation to protect and can thus put the ideas out there.  I believe I go further than most are willing – perhaps because they worry that they will be thought too far out.  All of us can follow our intuitive knowing and develop a life story, a worldview that works for us.  We don’t need anyone’s approval.  Why should anyone give their intellectual and intuitive power to someone else?

A cat can look at a Queen!