Deep Intellect

Inside the mind of the octopus

by Sy Montgomery

Published in the November/December 2011 issue of Orion magazine




Camilla B. on Nov 04, 2011


It’s hard to convey the way I felt when I first saw a small octopus in the wild (hiding in a crevice below a dock in theFlorida Keys).  My whole heart responded to it with a tenderness which we reserve for the completely harmless, and the completely innocent.  The recognition of another mind, soul and personality was instantaneous.  I’ve never felt such a deep and immediate connection to any other creature.  It was amazing, unworldly.


Part of my comment:


I believe that there is just one consciousness, that of our higher self, Gaia.  We are the planet.  We are in a sense being lived rather than living “on” a planet.
Each material object expresses Gaia’s consciousness to the extent of its development.  Gaia loves and cares for all parts of herself.


The flood of love and acceptance Camilla B. above has experienced may just be evidence of our spiritual connection, a connection based on being “in” rather than “on” our greater self.