An early clear blue sky was rapidly gathering clouds  Sunday as I finished breakfast and the sweet memory of the opening to Darrol Barry’s Lullaby for Lisa crept quietly into my thinking space.  Ah yes, those four simple but hauntingly beautiful first four bars that I share with the horns almost brings me undone.  They would be a prayer if I was a praying person.  How can the simplicity of a quaver and a dotted minim of the same note moving up and then down the scale within four bars invoke such pleasant feelings?  Let us ponder this.  Traditionally some would call it an aesthetic sense.  However, this leaves me cold and unsatisfied.  I tried once to glean the essence of the area of philosophy called Aesthetics and got absolutely nowhere.  I’ll take the blame but I need to better understand not only what happens to my body/mind during these experiences but how they tie in with being an Earthling – from the perspective of being within the folds so to speak of Gaia.  Perhaps this is just Gaia’s energy, the energy that is always available and permeates through and all around us.  Perhaps what we call special isn’t really special at all but just what we may have opened to at that particular time.  I’m reminded of those who say that no one thing is more sacred than any other.  If one thing is sacred than all of “it” is sacred. Surely separating the sacred from the mundane is a mindset that has shown its limiting colours and needs rethinking or re-feeling into.  Surely our body/mind is always tuned to Gaia’s energy or perhaps I must say that since we are Gaia’s energy we might benefit from becoming more aware and sensitive to that part of ourselves.  Any thoughts along these lines?  Please share them.

Blue wisty

Wisty 10 years old