Who am I?



When we look for the self we cannot help but be looking for something which is out there different from what we think we are.  When we look for the self we find ourselves using the only language permitted or even available.  This is a huge problem and block to understanding. Why?  Because that which we are is not an object for that which is doing the looking.  We are what we are looking for so explaining it is only rhetoric. Such thinking may bring us to asking – who then is actually doing the looking?  Then what follows is the question – where, what is that which is doing the looking?  Me, you say.  But then we remember that the looker, call it me if you like, cannot be found.  Next, perhaps we ask, if I am the self and the self cannot be found then it seems that we have been taught falsehoods.  There is not nor ever was a self in here looking out on a world out there.  There is only the act or experience of looking.  Yes, but the English language supposes that there is first a subject, second an action or verb and thirdly an object – at something.  Unless we find other terminology, we are locked into the assumption that there is a me, inside the body doing.

Although modern science cannot and never will find the location of the “I,” an alternative word description has not been accepted.  The prevailing attitude is always – If there is no “I” doing the looking, then something must be doing the looking that we wrongly attribute to me doing.

At around this point, most people just tune out.

One can readily see that we will get nowhere until we question the whole concept of separate objects.  Only with separate objects can one look at another.


The dilemma I have just left us at is the trigger for the idea of non-duality. Monism, in one form or another thus enters and sows volumes of discussion. Several miles down the road and after several turnings, fits and restarts, many just accept that they are that which is aware of their experience.  So there is only awareness and nobody being aware.


That’s enough for tonight.  Run it back and forth, inside and out but please let me know when you find the exact location of the “I” that does stuff.  OK?