Bad health


“Back in October last year [sic 2014] as a 65 year old I was offered the winter flu vaccine and a pneumonia prevention injection. I happily accepted this as I had heard it prevented some of the winter flu’s that normally circulate. The long and short of it was that since that day I have had continually re-occurring sore throats, coughs and colds and it has really prevented me from doing a lot of “to camera” videos. I might have has about 5 weeks in total between the injection and now that I have been able to perform a normal level of health. This week I bit the bullet and went to my GP. She sort of agreed that there is some evidence to suggest there is a link between the pneumonia vaccine and reduced immunity afterwards. I had a vampire suck bloods for investigation and a chest X-ray and hopefully there will be an answer next week. I had planned to take a week’s photographic holiday on the Scottish Island of Arran and hopefully capture images of the new seal pups born around May. At the moment It’s on hold as mountain walks are just out of the question as I’ve tried a couple of local peaks and it was really hard work breathing in without coughing my bootlaces up!!!”

From Graham’s Photo Blog