Keeping the Wild

Keeping the Wild


This book might be a great help in understanding why humans are destroying Nature. The quote below makes a connection that has gone over my head until a few days ago.


“From time immemorial, just as today, the underclass and the powerless have been forcibly limited from accessing resources for their own material advantage.  It is thus injustice toward the more-than-human world – stripping it into being-for and value-for people (“resources”) that constitutes the foundation of social injustice and inequality.”  Eileen Crist in “Keeping the Wild”




This book might be a great help in understanding why humans are destroying Nature. Is it not rather bizarre and crazy-making that whilst we, as just one species of many, have given ourselves the right to slash and burn, poison and desecrate as we choose whilst energetic and physical essence that we depend on for our very existence has no rights whatsoever?


Externalising Cost of Doing Business

Externalising Cost of Doing Business

I’ve just finished reading John Michael Greer’s latest blog post concerning external costs of doing business.  Following is a comment I made to his post.

Early in the Industrial Revolution in England, for instance, Josiah Wedgewood and other industrialists paid their workers subsistence wages.  Through various acts of enclosure, from 1660 to 1845, 14 million documented, double that if undocumented common land could be included, acres of commons were privatised.  Add this to the rights of primogeniture encoded to ensure that real estate passed to the eldest son, and you find hundreds of thousands of people with no other option than to accept subsistence wages.  Finally, I’ll come to the point.  Thanks to this post, I now see that these pitiful wages were actually a form of externalisation because the poverty workers found themselves required support from elsewhere to enable them to maintain a healthy enough state to show up for work.  It is quite easy to build family capital when you pay out in pennies and sell for pounds.


What is Planetary Psychology?

A planetary psychologist is one who studies the psyche of our planet Earth.  Understood is the necessity of investigating Earth’s psyche in a wholistic manner.  Just as in humans, Earth’s psyche must not be  separated in a dualistic manner.  Wholistic study is only relevant from a “oneness” structure that sees the physical and the spiritual as two sides of the one coin.  Planetary psychology must be closely knit with ecology, and the physics and chemistry of Earth.


An updated worldview is called for that places life as we know it as in, among and inseparable from Earth itself.  Humans, for instance, do not live “on” the planet, they are the planet.  The terms animate and inanimate no longer serve when we view earth as a living entity.  Following on, planetary psychology accepts that earth as a living planet is conscious and accepts the responsibility to investigate just how human and other than human beings share in that one consciousness.


There is an ancient and on-going human tradition of non-duality.  A form reminiscent of Advaita Vedanta teaches that to view ourselves as having a separate consciousness within that looks out on a world without is an illusion.  There is only the looking and no looker. There is only one consciousness.  This consciousness permeates the Universe.  Planetary psychology limits itself to the study of how humans relate spiritually to universal consciousness as it has been expressed by the planet.  All physicality expresses the one consciousness limited only by the number and variety of sensory apparatus that has evolved.


See Panpsychism and Panprotopsychism by David J. Chalmers


See Planet as Self by Sky McCain


Skeptical Science: Time is running out on climate denial.

“Greg Craven summarized why by examining the extreme possible outcomes in his viral climate ‘decision grid’ video.”


Posted on 30 December 2014 by dana1981


If you can afford to watch a video for 9+ minutes, this is a good investment.  And, as I recollect, the US government made the column “A” choice over the possibility of a nuclear attack by Russia in the 50′s. Billions of dollars, maybe all total over a trillion, were spent on the nuclear deterrent, mainly by the Air Force Strategic Air Command keeping bombers in the air heading towards targets 24/7 plus a 24/7 command aircraft in the air plus who knows how many Nike missile sites and hundreds of missiles: not to mention the personnel and support costs.  The US government definitely took column “A” and avoided the column “B” true.  So the method has been tried and proven effective in that case. I suggest it will work in the case of climate change caused by global warming.  The boss may not always be right but is still the boss.  Humans may not be causing global warming but the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans are still warming.  What do you think?


If you wish to change the world, change yourself

“The Walk”

My eyes already touch the sunny hill,

going far ahead of the road I have begun.

So we are grasped by what we cannot grasp;

it has its inner light, even from a distance –


and changes us, even if we do not reach it,

into something else, which, hardly sensing it, we already are;

a gesture waves us on, answering our own wave …

but what we feel is the wind in our faces.

Rainer Maria Rilke (1924)


You do not live in a world of chaos.  Each of us orders our world according to how we perceive it. As Vadim Zeland said:  “The world is a mirror of your attitude towards it.”

Your attitude towards the events you encounter make them good or bad, fortunate or unfortunate.  It is your judgement that colours them blue or red or yellow.  If you wish to change the world, start with an analysis of your judgements because what is right or wrong for you depends on what you inherited, were taught, lived through, and accepted as how the world is.  So, going full circle; if you want the world to bring you happiness, wealth and contentment, then change yourself.


You are deeply affected by your desires and intent.  If you cannot see yourself achieving this or that or just cannot see yourself having what you want, then you probably will attain only the measure that you feel is achievable.  What Rilke may be pointing out is that our dreams are attainable; our waves of desire are answered but we do not realize them, we feel only the wind in our faces.




Work for It

work for it


The “work” is coming to know that you can have what you wish. Then you must be convinced that this is true. This will come with time as you try this out and convince yourself.  Lastly, you must make a short step in the right direction and follow through until it manifests.  Wishing, hoping, visualizing alone will NOT work.

Sky McCain

Earth Matters

Excerpt from Greenspirit Chair’s Report 2014


In the midst of so much activity it is useful to remind ourselves of what we are which gives us our special identity.  As Ian’s report points out our primary attraction is our spirituality.  We come from many traditions and none but what unites us is that we find spiritual nourishment in our connection with creation, which is as Berry says ‘our primary revelation’.  He word ‘God’ has been too often hijacked by narrow religion which has restricted and diminished the divine presence that surrounds us and gives everything life.  In Greenspirit our vision encompasses all that is, from the tiniest particle to the greatest galaxy and we glimpse the truth that even the least blade of grass is a presence of inexpressible love. And these glimpses are enough to make us fall in love with creation.


This beautifully expressed in an extract from the book, ‘Epiphany in the Beans’ in our last magazine.  As she felt the happiness that made her ‘ ‘laugh out loud’ working in her garden, Robin Kimmerer writes, ‘I knew with a certainty as warm and clear as the September sunshine, the land loves us back’.


In Greenspirit, we have moved on from trying to save the Earth just by campaigning and action, though of course these matter.  Our greatest strength is in our spiritual journey, finding the awareness that ‘the land loves us back’.  Every time we make this loving connection with creation, we bless it, healing begins and what is more we raise this connection with everyone, [on the hundredth monkey principle].  As long as our green convictions remain ideas in our heads they alone will not change the world.  But when enough of us reclaim our identity with and immersion in creation, it becomes our sacred community.  Then it is impossible to harm it and profound healing happens.

June Raymond

November, 2014



Talk about bad news

Talk about bad news


“Standard wheat harvest protocol in the United States is to drench the wheat fields with Roundup several days before the combine harvesters work through the fields as withered, dead wheat plants are less taxing on the farm equipment and allows for an earlier, easier and bigger harvest “


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Waiting for Godot?



“The overall rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide during the last deglaciation was thought to have been triggered by the release of CO2 from the deep ocean – especially the Southern Ocean. However, the researchers say that no obvious ocean mechanism is known that would trigger rises of 10-15 ppm over a time span as short as one to two centuries.”

“The oceans are simply not thought to respond that fast,” Brook said.


I read daily updates on climate change science and suspected results of the certain rapid increase in CO2 and methane levels in both the atmosphere and oceans.  In the oceans it increases acidification to the detriment of crustaceans and other hard shelled animals.  In addition I read about climate change deniers and detractors; many of which are paid to create cherry picking and inaccuracies that result in doubt in public opinion.


I find constant revisions and updated findings.  The uncertainty fuels deniers who demand scientific “proof.”

Science does not and never has supplied “truth.”  The primary cause of the subject of uncertainty is a misunderstanding of the nature of Earth.  Earth is a living being and not a machine.  Earth events are often unpredictable and constantly break the “laws of Nature” that we persist in holding onto.  Earth rhythms and cycles never exactly repeat.  Variation resides in the very core of what it is to be planet Earth.


Take our medical Doctor visits. We learn to accept the “uncertainty” of our health and our illness treatments.  We think nothing of following medical advice.  For instance, the exact cause of an illness often cannot be determined accurately.  We are sometimes told to take this medicine and come back in awhile to see if it worked.  If not then other medicine is prescribed.


Governments and other power structures have habituated the “do nothing until we have absolute proof,” and “not enough data has been collected” excuses.  They fiddle while Rome burns. It is time to stop searching for who started the fire and concentrate on putting out the fire.


We don’t need to know the exact extent of anthropogenic causes to become aware that humans, within the present cultural and global economic system, contribute a significant and irrefutable amount of greenhouse gases.  These gasses are undeniably present and increasing. Weather in most regions of Earth is becoming more severe,[see:] sea levels are rising, glaciers and polar icepacks are melting faster than predicted, and oceans are warming while life-forms that make up our food chain are dying. Desertification is increasing whilst global air currents carry little or no moisture from the rainforests to sustain vegetation.


Surely it is obvious to all rational beings that we can wait no longer for certainty, for “scientific proof.”






My Latest Quote

“Man is the most insane species.  

He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. 

Unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshiping. 

Why?”   Hubert Reeves