Time to Speak Out


“During those same 50 years, populations of vertebrates (animals with backbones) declined by 60 percent on average. It’s been estimated that humans—along with our cattle, pigs, and other domesticates—now make up 96 percent of all terrestrial vertebrate biomass. The other four percent include all the songbirds, deer, foxes, elephants and on and on—all the world’s remaining wild land animals. We inherited a planet of astounding beauty, which we share with millions of amazing creatures—and, one by one, we’re crowding them out.” Richard Heinberg Post Carbon Institute

<newsletter@postcarbon.org> 22 April, 2020


We don’t actually have a resource shortage.  We have a population problem.  With other living things, when they eat out their environment, many die until balance is achieved.  But no, not homo sapiens sapiens.  We have become the most voracious and dangerous predator Earth has ever encountered.  We maintain our over population by enslaving other animals, penning them up in miserable conditions and chopping them up for Sunday lunch.


Who gave us the right to breed in such an out-of-control manner?  I cannot imagine a deity that would condone our actions.  Certainly not a God of love such as many of us have been taught.


For those of us who don’t do sky Gods, we realize that we don’t have the wisdom to manage a planet so must watch, study and learn to work in cooperation with Nature.  Why?

Because the Earth is not out there; we ARE the Earth.  We live in an Earth provided body.  It is not OUR body to do as we choose with which goes for every other living body large or small.

Our hubris has dropped us presently into a cultural and economic decline, albiet one of many in our short history on the planet.


Now, every day must be an Earth day for our days are numbered.


We must “ring the bell that still can ring” and look for the “crack in everything.”