Question Beliefs

“We live in a culture that is embedded in unquestioned beliefs passing as truth. These beliefs are the source of our current crisis. We attempt to solve the problems of degradation of our environment and climate disruption, but we do not look at these core beliefs. We hold on to the idea that capitalism is the only right way to organize an economy, that democracy is essential to our freedom, that freedom itself is a core ingredient to our happiness. We believe corporate slogans such as “Progress is our most important product” (General Electric), and subscribe to the belief that technology will solve whatever problems we have, even the ones caused by technology.”

The Need for a Greater Vision: Recognizing Reality

By Norton Smith, originally published by

November 19, 2019


Beliefs can go stale.  A belief that one incorporates at one stage of intellectual/spiritual development may not serve a person as they grow older and perhaps wiser.  That’s why beliefs should be reviewed from time to time.  No need for a schedule, just practice staying in the present and one may find an uncomfortable feeling with a particular behavior.  That’s the trigger to question the belief structure behind the action. We are creatures of habit and may find that we have become a slave to a few unquestioned behaviors that do not serve us any longer.  No good blaming the devil!