Naomi Wolf, author, political journalist and cofounder of DailyClout: ‘Trump didn’t do this. You did this. Your own inaction brought us exactly here’

The first 100 days of President Donald Trump


Only 18.7% of the total US population voted for Trump and only 26.3% of eligible voters actually voted for Trump.


Proportional representation would be an improvement.


We must not forget that the electoral system in the US was a compromise between states rights and federal control.  The battle still rages.


“With PR, (Proportional_representation) there are no “swing seats”, most votes contribute to the election of a candidate so parties need to campaign in all districts, not just those where their support is strongest or where they perceive most advantage. This fact in turn encourages parties to be more responsive to voters, producing a more “balanced” ticket by nominating more women and minority candidates.[20] On average about 8% more women are elected.[23]

Since most votes count, there are fewer “wasted votes”, so voters, aware that their vote can make a difference, are more likely to make the effort to vote, and less likely to vote tactically. Compared to countries with plurality electoral systems, voter turnout improves and the population is more involved in the political process.[2][20][23]”