“The EU is dedicated to corporate interests and economic globalization”




“In the aftermath of the Second World War, political elites and business leaders promoted the notion that economic integration was a path to peace and harmony.


But the result was a form of economic development – based on debt, global trade and consumerism – that systematically undermined democracy and favored corporate interests while hollowing out local economies worldwide. In country after country, transnational corporations (TNCs) have been able to evade taxes by ‘offshoring’ their activities, and to bargain for lower tax rates and higher subsidies by threatening to move where even less in taxes will be demanded, and more in subsidies provided.


Today, interlinked multinational banks and corporations constitute a de facto European government, determining economic activity through the ‘European market’. Their vast lobbying power has an overwhelming influence on the EU Commission and the secretive Council. In other words, corporations run Europe.”


Be that as it may, the UK lacks an alternative at this time.  To leave now would be an economic disaster.  Changes must be brought on gradually by design and implemented by the development of local small businesses.  The downside is that the required infrastructure is lacking and the building of an alternative will be thwarted at every twist and turn by the vested interest in keeping the money moving up rather than around.