“The insistence that it’s not too late, that there must still be time to keep industrial civilization from crashing into ruin if only we all come together to make one great effort, and that there’s any reason to think that we can and will all come together, is another example. The narrative behind that claim has a profound appeal to people nowadays, which is why stories that feature it—again, Tolkien’s trilogy comes to mind—are as popular as they are. It’s deeply consoling to be told that there’s still one last chance to escape the harsh future that’s already taking shape around us. It seems almost cruel to point out that whether a belief appeals to our emotions has no bearing on whether or not it’s true.”  John Michael Greer, The Archdruid Report, 30 April, 2014



So much of what is happening here circles endlessly around the “head in the sand” denial of the facts and behaviours observed around us.  Rather than taking a small loss of pleasure now in order to avoid a huge loss that will be borne by our grandchildren, we delay hoping that somehow “they”, they being a mythical government or benign group of industrialists, will “fix” the problem.  How foolish would it be to cut back, suffer, only to find that it was unnecessary?  Personally, I grieve that I can’t allow myself the air-miles it would take to maintain an emotional presence in the lives of my grandchildren.  I face the question:  What is more important, the health of the planet or the satisfaction of my desire to be a presence in their lives?  My thinking function sees this as a “no-brainer.”  Of course, loving care for the planet is necessary for the well- being of my grandchildren. However, I agonize over my knowing that a once a year visit will leave me forever as that “drop-in” bearing presents.  They will never love me as I love my grandparents.