Amazon Rainforest Breathes In More Than It Breathes Out

By Becky Oskin, Senior Writer   |   March 20, 2014


“Pristine Amazon forests pull in more carbon dioxide than they put back into the atmosphere, according to a new study. The findings confirm that natural Amazon forests help reduce global warming by lowering the planet’s greenhouse gas levels, the researchers said.”


Let’s cease spending money on further research on a subject that has been fully covered and instead spend the money paying people to NOT cut the trees and plant more.  In earlier interglacial cycles, it was the millions of trees and extensive savanna that gradually lowered CO2 enough to boost the downward cycle into the much longer glacial part of the cycle.

I hear many people asking themselves, “Why would we want to support long glacial periods?”  Because that’s how Earth, a living being, has decided to counter the effects of the sun’s expanding heat.  Let’s work with the planet, not just rape and pillage as if the Earth came into being for our benefit.