A lot of us despair realizing that one person can do so little about CO2 emissions.  However, one thing we can do is switch to trains and ferries.  Yes, they are more expensive, but with an increase in market share, costs will go down.  There must be exceptions such as “love miles” when loved ones live overseas, but leisure travel could be by train and ferry.  It costs more but what is the health of our Earth worth?



10 March 2014, 6.03am GMT

Morphing is one way to make aircrafts more efficient




“The transport sector as a whole is increasing CO2 emissions at such a rate that it has cancelled out two decades’ worth of green gains made across the manufacturing, power generation, district heating, residential, services and agriculture sectors combined. This devastating disparity is forecast to grow.”


“…the annual growth rate of the number of flights within Europe has remained consistent at 3.9%. The rise of Asia and cheap flight carriers, like Ryanair, making weekend trips away affordable to the masses have pushed the rate up. This is expected to level out at 5.3%.”


“The goal set by the EU to reduce aircraft CO2 emissions by 75% by 2050 is totally unrealistic. Even if Europe were to meet these goals, its aircraft industry will at the very least double its greenhouse emissions by 2050. The bleak reality is that we will probably see a quadrupling in the aircraft industry CO2 emissions by then – unless it totally reinvents the concept of the commercial aircraft.”


Eurostar on fast track to success after a slow start

By: Interview by Philip Waller Published: Sat, April 21, 2012




“Eurostar plans a £700million over- haul in 2014, including 10 new trains and a refurbished existing fleet.”