Ethanol industry is back in the black after some rough years. Boom times are back in the ethanol business. Major producers of the corn-based fuel are reporting record returns for the fourth quarter thanks to dramatically lower corn prices, increasing demand for motor fuel and strong ­ethanol exports. Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota


I’ve suspected this all along.  Fracking, polluting precious ground water and ethanol production, feeding vehicles instead of people, is not about lower prices for the consumer and a better life for US citizens.  No, it is about exports and one of the factors in the 1% which is now .8% and rising.


Why should a corn farmer be concerned about nutrition and soil conservation with poisons readily available and corn prices high enough to afford them, when the crop will be used to feed cars?  Wrecking the soil, which is  an asset of the people, is ecocide and an insult to our grandchildren.