“Behind the cliché that you create your own reality there is a shadow: If you don’t create your own

reality, it will be created for you.”  Dean Radin  “Supernormal”


I like Vadim Zeland’s ideas expressed in his Transurfing volumes.  Perhaps the word create is too misleading.  Perhaps it is better to say that you can make your reality.  Vadim proposes that we can simply choose our reality by choosing a different life-path.  He says, presuming that I understand correctly – forgive me Vadim if I don’t – that from the space of variations, where all possible outcomes from all past, present and future events exist, we can choose one more to our hearts desire.  Vadim does not leave us in the space of hopefulness and details a method we can use to manifest this result.


I’m just weird enough to admit that I relate or believe this is true.  Why, because I’m just crazy enough to have been using a similar method for years.  I’ve also been crazy enough to state that we all, always get what we want.  It is in the nature of being an Earthling that this is true.  I continue to say that if you are not getting what you want, then there is a block and you are either fooling yourself by avoiding some basic facts about your life’s approach or you just don’t know what you want or maybe you are more comfortable holding on to those mechanisms that prevent you from changing your life because the state you are in has become a habit or brings you some benefit that you don’t want to lose.  Whatever the case, if you are unhappy because of unrealized desires, then you must try to relax and dig down into your quiet spaces and look for what you might be fearing or dreading or avoiding.  In a way, this state of constantly placing obstacles in the path of success is getting what you want isn’t it?  In the digging down process, look for ways that you may be sabotaging your efforts to achieve.

There is no formula available.  For instance, you may find that you will not allow silence into your life for more than a minute or so and thus you can’t access that quiet place within you.  I suppose most unhappy people blame anything other than their part in their pathway.  Unfortunately, if you don’t believe that you deserve to have what you want or believe that we shouldn’t expect to be happy or successful – that they have sinned or something – then of course, they will hold onto the path they are on.

Vadim’s first five volumes are published by O-books.  Although Vadim is not a social worker or therapist you can have a look at what and how he approaches this subject for a mere fraction of the cost of a therapist.  Perhaps a personal therapist would be easier and even more effective, however, for most, if you were going to avail yourself of their service, you would have done so buy now.  Following is my favourite Zeland quote:

“The World is the Mirror of your attitude towards it”