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Don’t buy your oil from Iran, buy it from us.

Don’t buy your oil from Iran, buy it from us.


“A recent report by Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government predicted that by 2020 all of America’s oil could be produced either domestically or within the western hemisphere, ending the US dependency on the Middle East. In November the International Energy Agency predicted America would be energy independent by 2035.

Already the impacts of the power shift are being felt, say Donilon and Yergin, particularly in efforts to halt Iran’s nuclear program.

‘The United States engaged in tireless diplomacy to persuade consuming nations to end or significantly reduce their consumption of Iranian oil while emphasising to suppliers the importance of keeping the world oil market stable and well supplied,’ Donilon said in his speech at Columbia.

‘The substantial increase in oil production in the United States and elsewhere meant that international sanctions and US and allied efforts could remove over 1 million barrels per day of Iranian oil while minimising the burdens on the rest of the world. And the same dynamic was at work in Libya in 2011 and in Syria today.’”



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The Archdruid Report, 17 July, 2013

The Archdruid Report, 17 July, 2013



Here is another interesting discussion based on research into the past that reveals correlations that speak to the present.  Politicians continue to implement half-baked measures that have failed miserably in the past but seem to please the economic backers who rule the roost.



“Across the board, in politics, in economics, in energy policy, in any other field you care to name, the enthusiastic pursuit of repeatedly failed policies has become one of the leitmotifs of contemporary life.”


John Michael Greer  The Archdruid Report, 17 July, 2013

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