This Category, *Pagan Ethics, contains a series of posts that are a commentary on a book – Living with Honour – written by Emma Restall Orr.  My interest in Pagan ethics emerges out of a need to capture in words the attitudes and behaviour that might manifest out of a person’s love of Gaia and dedication to an Earthen Spirituality.  Emma’s beautiful book, which I at first eagerly skimmed, then read slowly and carefully and now enjoy re-reading has stimulated my thinking and inspired the comments in these posts. I obviously highly recommend the book and hope that my commentary serves the spirit of *Pagan Ethics and challenges the reader to examine their attitudes and world view toward a greater reverence for our place within and among the life of Gaia.  As my one-time friend Wolf says, may Gaia bless.


Reason and Purpose

Religion teaches that their exists an ultimate purpose and meaning to life.  When a person authorised by the religion claims to know what’s on God’s mind and dictates the details, then by definition we have a human construct.  If a person needs to adopt an ultimate purpose and meaning to “life”, then they might as well supply it themselves.  That way, they can “own” their truth and nurture it as it develops along with their wisdom