“Another ice age will never occur, unless humans go extinct. A single chlorofluorocarbon factory can produce gases with a climate forcing that exceeds the forcing due to Earth orbital perturbations.”  James Hansen and several co-authors  5 May, 2011  http://fromjameshansen.blogspot.com/


“The climate system may take 50,000 years to assimilate the impacts of human activities during the early third millennium. In this case, an “irreversible greenhouse effect” could become the most likely future climate.”

An Exceptionally Long Interglacial Ahead?  A. Berger and M. F. Loutre


The results of at least one of the latest models show that the present interglacial period may be extended for another 50,000 years, and another 100,000 years before the next glacial maximum. The threat to life on Earth as we know it is unmentionable.

As I write this,[1 march, 2013] the House of Representatives of the USA will recess without passing a budget because they have placed political wrangling above the welfare of the American people and the integrity of the republic.  If they care so little about the everyday workings of American society, what hope does our planet have?


Further, I imagine many readers will think, yeah, that’s good, who needs all that ice anyway?  However, to me, it is the worst case scenario, scary and very sad.

Why, [1]  I believe the Earth is an intelligent being and that we are the Earth like leaves are the tree. [2] There is a direct correlation between the age of the Earth and the age of the sun.  65 million years ago there was 10 times more co2 in the atmosphere and the sun was cooler.  Over the last million or so years, there has been a rest state of glaciers “ice age” for a little over 90% of a 120,000yr cycle and a short, very quickly rising and falling blip where the temperature shoots up around 6 degrees C.  We are in one of those now.  If the Earth has decided that this is necessary and desirable, then when we prevent that knowingly, we are not only committing ecocide but in a way risking long term suicide.  We cannot possibly know nor can we make a mathematical model that will tell us what impact sayone hundred and fifty thousand years without an ice age will have on the Earth’s ability to sustain life as we know it.  It is not hard to guess that ALL of the ice and snow will melt over Spring, Summer and fall.  The ocean water level MUST rise due to all the tons of longstanding ice that will melt.  Meanwhile the sun’s heat continues to rise.  Will Earth become like Mars because of Homo sapiens sapiens?


Just because we don’t actually know how and what the Earth is thinking or what the Earth knows about being a planet doesn’t mean that we cannot use our intelligence to notice the direction the Earth is going and fit in the best we can.  Certainly we would not be intelligent if we worked in opposition, would we?


Why should we be so concerned?  See Here.