Climate Scientists Erring on the Side of Least Drama


Posted on 30 January 2013 by dana1981



“A paper recently published in Global Environmental Change by Brysse et al. (2012)examined a number of past predictions made by climate scientists, and found that that they have tended to be too conservative in their projections of the impacts of climate change.  The authors thus suggest that climate scientists are biased toward overly cautious estimates, erring on the side of less rather than more alarming predictions, which they call “erring on the side of least drama” (ESLD).”



“The IPCC is an intergovernmental body. It is open to all member countries of the United Nations (UN) and WMO. Currently 195 countries are members of the IPCC. Governments participate in the review process and the plenary Sessions, where main decisions about the IPCC work programme are taken and reports are accepted, adopted and approved. The IPCC Bureau Members, including the Chair, are also elected during the plenary Sessions.”


If these governments accept, adopt and approve the IPCC pronouncements, then by definition they are biased.  We should not be surprised that they favour the status quo.  Anything published that would tend to limit the flow of profits would necessarily be toned down.