“The thinker, the non-existent thinker, comes into being only when you use your
thought to achieve your goals. It doesn’t matter what the goal is, or whether
it is material or spiritual. When once you use thoughts to achieve a goal, we
create a non-existent thinker. But actually there is no thinker. There is
nobody who is talking now. There is only `talking’, there is only `seeing’,
there is only `listening’. But the moment you translate that listening,
interpret it in terms of the framework of your reference point, you have
created a problem. Its [thought’s] interest is to interpret and translate. It
helps only to strengthen and fortify the very thing which you are trying to
free yourself from.” 

U.G.  “No Way Out”

The above is a very clear statement on the subject of non-duality.  For those who cannot relate at all to this
and think somehow that there may be some “truth” – whatever that is, to It,  you might want to try “No Boundary” by Ken