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EU rules ‘encouraging farmers to plough up grasslands’

Experts say farmers have begun mowing down wildlife-rich pastures so that they can continue to claim European subsidies




“Farmers are being encouraged to plough up some of the most quintessential English landscapes so that they can continue to claim European subsidies, experts have warned.”


I fear that this is the beginning of a policy that will result in nearly every square inch of unpaved grounds ploughed up to “feed the masses” in other countries.


Is this the future we want to leave for our grandchildren?  Is this all there is to life, a planet organised around the concerns of one species?  Is this “right” only because we have the power to do it?  Most dismal is the question, will you and I have an effective say on this issue?  No, not with such immense wealth and power consolidated in the hands of so few.  So we vote with our purchases.  Support small and local in every way possible.  Forget the “savings” at the supermarkets.  One, overall you are not saving.  Two, it is only on the highest volume items that there is a savings over your local shops. 


Back to ploughing up grasslands.  What about the loss of diversity and loss of health that lies in the mix of nutrients?  Why plough up nutritious pasture to plant non-nutritious monoculture and then buy fertilizer and nutrients out of a bag to help animals survive?

Please tell me what I am missing here? 

A farmer’s real wealth is in the soil, not in the price of a bale of hay.


Tax Fairness

President Obama: “Asking a billionaire to pay at least as much tax as his secretary… that’s just common sense”


Sky:  It is difficult to disagree on this point isn’t it?


He also said: “In theUnited States of America, a teacher, a nurse, or a construction worker who earns $50,000 a year should not pay taxes at a higher rate than somebody making $50 million. That is wrong.”


Republican leaders, who portray Mr Obama as a tax-and-spend liberal stoking class warfare, have pronounced the budget dead on arrival.


Sky:  Let’s not forget the 25.4 million millionaires. What a different world if they paid the same percentage tax as a secretary.