“Dr Julian Little, a spokesman for Bayer CropScience, sought to dismiss the new findings yesterday: ‘The key issue here is that Jeff Pettis’s studies were carried out in the laboratory and not the open air.’ He added: ‘Bee health is really important, but focusing on pesticides diverts attention away from the very real issues of bee parasites and diseases – that is where Bayer is focusing its effort.’




Sorry but this CropScience “key issue” is absurd.  Bayer swears about the safety of their chemicals from lab tests and here attests that lab tests are invalid from other researchers that may differ from CropScience’s opinions. Uh uh. 


Bayer’s focus seems to be on selling questionable substances and then selling antidotes for those who question the safety of the substances they use.  Nice work if you can get it.


How’s this for a business plan – Market a substance that makes pollinators sick and then market several additional substance that makes them better.

Set up several subsidiary companies that market competing products of bee medicine.  Oh, and make sure that the medicine works slowly so when the patent on the first substance runs out another one will be needed to start the cycle over again.  Sound familiar?  Wake up everybody and vote at the checkout counter.